Dynamic Shift-Share Analysis of Forestry Industry Structure and Competitiveness in Heilongjiang Province


  • Pingxia Wu School of Economics and Finance, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, P. R. China https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3298-4070
  • Yunliang Jiang College of Economics and Management, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, P. R. China




Since 2014, commercial natural forest cutting is prohibited in state-owned forest areas in Heilongjiang Province, which has affected the traditional forestry economy in Heilongjiang Province. The restructuring and optimization of the forestry industry in Heilongjiang is imminent. Based on the data of forestry output value of Heilongjiang Province from 2002 to 2016, this paper explores the law of forestry economic growth and industrial structure evolution in Heilongjiang Province through the dynamic shift-share analysis method (DSSA).The results show that the economic growth rate of forestry industry in Heilongjiang Province is higher than the national average. The primary industry is still a basic leading industry, the secondary and tertiary industries of forestry are highly dependent on the primary industry. The secondary industry lacks sufficient competitiveness, the technical content of processed products is low, lacking deep processing and fine processing, and the industry needs to be optimized. The tertiary industry accounts for a low proportion, the forest tourism service in Heilongjiang is relatively backward in the country, and it is necessary to further explore the leisure tourism service suitable for Heilongjiang. In order to optimize the industrial structure and promote the economic development of Heilongjiang Province, this paper proposes concrete countermeasures such as extending the industrial chain, developing non-wood forest products, and developing forest tourism and leisure services.


Forestry industry, The dynamic shift-share analysis method, Industrial structure optimize, Economic growth, Evolution of industrial structure, Sustainable development, Extend industrial chain

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Wu, P. ., & Jiang, Y. . (2019). Dynamic Shift-Share Analysis of Forestry Industry Structure and Competitiveness in Heilongjiang Province. Journal of Forests, 6(1), 15–22. https://doi.org/10.18488/journal.101.2019.61.15.22