Agile Leadership and Divorce Education: Study on Womens Perception




The high divorce rate is dominant due to economic factors, but it is different from divorce lawsuits for women who are civil servants. They filed for divorce because they sued their husbands, the main reason being communication and lack of respect between them, so the attitude dimension became dominant compared to the domain dimension and tactic dimension. This research used a quantitative descriptive approach with data collection techniques of literature study, questionnaires, and in-depth interviews from 232 respondents. The collected data is presented in the form of frequency tables and graphs to facilitate analysis and discussion. The results showed that the divorce rate was more dominant due to the wife's lawsuit compared to the husband's lawsuit. Divorce is more due to economic factors, except for wives who have jobs as divorced civil servants. The female civil servant filed for divorce due to a lack of respect, needed a head of household who could meet the needs of her family, and needed leadership in agility. The goal of divorce education is to avoid an increase in the number of divorce lawsuits. Divorce education is intended for prospective husband and wife, unmarried couples, couples who are just planning a marriage, or couples who are married but do not have children.


Cause of divorce, Economic factors, Divorce education, Womens perception, Agility, Leadership

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Adnan, A. A. ., Rauf, R. I. ., Agustang, A. ., & Ahmad, J. . (2020). Agile Leadership and Divorce Education: Study on Womens Perception. Humanities and Social Sciences Letters, 8(3), 323–330.